Casting a Spell

By January 22, 2015 Press No Comments
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Bamboo fly rod maker Bill Oyster and best-selling author George Black fish the beautiful Soque River in North Georgia

Almost nothing about the movie had stuck with me. As a native-born Scot, I still winced whenever I thought of Cyd Charisse’s accent (“There’s a laddie, wearrry and wanderin’ frrree”). Other than that, nothing but the image of Gene Kelly peering down at the lights, and the rooftops emerging from the mist. That image, inevitably, was in my mind as I navigated the twists and turns of Georgia Highway 197, through the fog and the cold evening rain, until at last I glimpsed a nimbus of light and the indistinct shape of buildings and an asphalt driveway with a sign that said “Brigadoon Lodge.”