Is Brigadoon catch and release only?
Definitely! Every possible precaution is taken to protect and preserve these magnificent trout. We are strictly fly-fishing, catch and release only. No droppers allowed.

What weight rod do you recommend?
A five weight is just about perfect. Most use an 8’6″ (or 9″ for more the more experienced angler) with a five weight forward floating line.

What flies both wet and dry work best at Brigadoon? And when?
In the spring and fall the dry action is terrific! There are some spectacular mayfly hatches so parachute adams, cahill, and caddis have been very successful. Smaller flies work well too. (Size 12 – 16) Later in the season nymphs, woolly buggers, pheasant tails. We recommend that you speak with your guide a few days prior to your visit for the latest hatch information.

Do you rent equipment and waders? If so, what are the rates?
Yes. Equipment can be rented from the Fly Shop. This is very convenient for guests who are traveling without their gear or beginners who might not have equipment. Rates are: $50.00 per session for a full outfit including rod, waders and boots;$25.00 for the rod only.

What is the best time of year for fishing?
All seasons offer exceptional fishing opportunities, but Spring (April-June) and Fall (September-November) are considered our “high” season. Discounts are offered for our “off season” months.

Do you recommend a guide?
Guides are optional – but recommended. Professional guides available at 175 per day.

Are meals provided?
No meals are provided. Please contact us if you would like to make special arrangements.

What are fishing guests expected to bring?
Shorts or seasonal gear is all that is recommended. Even summer nights can be cool so do bring a sweater. The guide and rental equipment packages can take care of the rest.